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Learn to Scuba Dive


Escape to a different world. Scuba takes you to a different world with new colors, shapes, textures, and creatures -- a world where the role you play takes on a new dimension. Become a scuba diver and escape to a peaceful yet adventurous place to renew your energy and excite your senses.


Explore new places. Scuba diving frees you to explore the underwater world -- from pristine coral reefs, to historic shipwrecks, to the mystery of a local quarry. Become an Open Water Diver and explore what you've been missing.


Experience a connection with nature, a feeling of pure freedom, and a transformation. Scuba diving connects you with nature. It immerses you in new sensations and experiences. It transforms your perception of life forever. Become a diver and transform yourself.


If you are just looking to try scuba diving for the first time before committing to certification, then our Discover Scuba program is for you.


If you are ready to take the plunge and get your scuba certification, then the Open Water Diver course is for you.


Why choose Scuba Frisco?


  • Our team of scuba diving professionals prides itself on quality instruction, professionalism, safety, value, and fun! Most importantly, we are proud to boast a perfect safety record. The key to our outstanding scuba programs is our team's combined experience.
  • The ease of learning online with eLearning. You can start your scuba adventure right now! Learning to scuba dive has never been more convenient. Whether you're on the go or want to take it slow, eLearning lets you complete the knowledge development portion of the Open Water Diver course online. eLearning is a great match for your active schedule. There is no need to attend academic sessions in a dry classroom during your training. The water is our classroom!
  • State-of-the-art training equipment. You will train using the latest high-tech scuba hardware from Aqua Lung and Scubapro. These scuba systems represent the latest engineering advances in comfortable and safe dive gear.
  • Learn to manage your dives with a dive computer. Rather than old fashioned dive tables, which divers are prone to use incorrectly, you will train using a reliable, easy to use dive computer. With your dive computer, most of your dive management becomes simple and automatic!
  • Competition size indoor heated pool. It's the right size and depth to realistically practice maneuvering underwater. Since our training pool is indoors and maintained at a comfortable temperature, we conduct scuba training year round. The pool is BIG, and our classes are small, so you will never feel crowded underwater.
  • Exclusive local dive site at Clear Springs Scuba Park. This small, private lake is used only for scuba diving. There is no boat or fishing traffic. Freshwater species abound, and several boats, planes, and other artifacts have been sunk here to add to the adventure. We have our own reserved shade pavilion, dock, and underwater platform away from the main crowds. This means we will not make you get up extra early just to beat the crowds on busy weekends.
  • Convenient weekend, weeknight and private class schedules are available. Classes start weekly, and you will be ready to make your first open water scuba dives in just one week or weekend.
  • Referral program. Complete your eLearning and pool components with us, then complete your open water dive training at your vacation destination.
  • Scuba Diver program. This limited certification is available for those who wish to scuba dive only when guided by a professional divemaster or instructor. It's nearly half the cost and takes only half the time.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Join an upcoming Open Water Diver course with Scuba Frisco today!