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PADI Replacement Certification Cards


Do you need your certification card by the weekend?

Priority processing with overnight mail service is available. You will need to order your card on-line and contact the PADI customer service department before 12:00 PM (PST) the next business day. For more information, contact the PADI Customer Service Group at 800-729-7234, ext 2430.


Please note that overnight delivery cannot take place during weekends or holidays, so contact Scuba Frisco for verification.


Other options for replacing your certification card

Forms for replacing your certification card can be obtained from Scuba Frisco.




Replace your certification card online


Use this option for the special limited edition cards and enriched air cards.


If you have a digital photograph and a credit card, click here and follow the directions to replace and purchase your card online. You may want to use a computer with an attached printer for printing your new temporary card.




You can use the following form if you do not have a digital photo


Please mail the form along with your photo and a $35 processing fee to the following address. Add $15 for priority processing.


Download PADI Certification Card Replacement Form


PADI Customer Service Department
30151 Tomas Street
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA


To help conserve underwater environments and obtain a Project AWARE version of your certification card please add a minimum donation of $5.00. All proceeds go to the Project AWARE Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the underwater environment through education, advocacy and action. If you would like this option, please indicate on the form the donation amount that should be directed to the Project AWARE Foundation.


If you have had a recent name change, please provide copies of any name change documents. (e.g. copy of marriage license, court documents, copies of drivers license, passport, etc.)


If you have difficulty downloading and/or printing this form, contact Scuba Frisco and we'll be more than happy to help you replace your card.


A replacement certification card may be necessary under the following circumstances:


  • You've changed your name (include a copy of legal documentation of name change).
  • You are upgrading from any PADI Junior Diver certification.
  • You would like to replace your existing card with a Project AWARE Edition Certification Card.
  • Your PADI Diver certification was lost.
  • Your PADI Diver certification was damaged.